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Presenting – Ové Pictures

Original art style and sophisticated craft technique is what comes from the relation of the two artists – Michaela Čopíková and Veronika Obertová, who create under the name Ové Pictures.

Ové Pictures always create something interesting, whether it is an illustration, installation, a clothing design or animation. They like to explore stories, characters and mixed media, so you can regularly find something new and outstanding in their work, but at the same time typical for them. Their signature artistic style has been evolving throughout the last few years and we are glad to have been
a part of it.

Michaela and Veronika are a directing duo, who closely work together on all their projects, they see every one of them as an innovative dialogue which creates an inspirational flow between them, pushing the boundaries of their art further. They influence each other with their energy, drive, and ideas, thus producing original animations, space installations, objects, and other products.

From Ové Pictures, we have been seeing mainly fine art and object design, lately. Their last exhibition, called “Even Stone Flows” was on display this spring in the Samorin Synagogue in Slovakia, and was a continuation of an exhibition called Storification from 2020. For the 10th year anniversary of their studio they made their own small designer collection of clothing in collaboration with Andrea Pojezdalová called Rozok. Furthermore, they designed an art mural for the Zahorska library in Senica, and a playful dummy called Panak_FM made for the Slovak Radio_FM. They have also created a series of paintings called “Ink on Paper”, that have been a great success. In addition to this very productive artwork, they are still active as animators and illustrators.

Their most recent short film, called “Even Stone Flows“, which Eallin helped create, can be seen as a pre-film in Slovak cinemas. Among our other joint projects are Honda E-Ball, a commercial we created in Japan two years ago, Coca-Cola “Summer ’19”Valentine’s Day – Raffaello, or their sponsor spots for Česká Spořitelna which were illustrated by Ové and produced by Eallin. Earlier this year Ové Pictures made a series of educational animated videos on how to perceive and create art, called “Art warm-up” for the Slovak National Gallery.