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Presenting – everfresh

We are delighted to present the German audio-visual artist, Sebastian Pfeifer aka everfresh, the latest addition to our roster.

Sebastian started working in an advertising agency in his early 20s, where he taught himself a little bit of flash, and that’s where his love for animation was born. Shortly after he started learning After Effects, but soon enough 2D wasn’t enough for him, so he learned 3D software as well. “I have always loved classic cartoons, so pretty quickly I started specializing in making 3D look like 2D, to kind of get the best out of both worlds. A couple of years ago I started mixing 3D techniques with 2D frame by frame techniques, which basically removed most limitations I was facing before, either if I was working in 3D or 2D.”

Sebastian is based in a small village near Frankfurt, Germany, and goes by the name everfresh. He sources his inspiration from other artists, be it still images, animation, photography, movies, music, but also nature, and people. “I’m fascinated by composition and how things move and sound. Sometimes I find myself staring at things for a very long time. Basically, I get inspired by whatever comes my way,” he explains. 

For his personal projects, Sebastian always produces his own music: “My workflow is to actually produce the music first and then animate it. Music is the main driver for me when I’m animating, and while I can take the traditional approach of animating first and then having sound design for it made, I really prefer it to be the other way around. In my opinion, it’s the superior way.” He prefers to work with the combination of 3D and 2D frame by frame, with broad camera moves, wide angle lenses and smooth transitions.

He always views his latest project as the breakthrough one. “I feel like I have learned new skills that always make the latest project the best one,” he says. In 2022 he got the BEN award for best crypto-art of the B3 Biennale in Frankfurt.

(Fun fact: He likes 70s design and cats.)