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As destined, Eallin expands to Scandinavia!

Axel Henneberg joins our team as business representative, and producer for Scandinavia.

Eallin “Bring to Life.” It was only a matter of time when we would return to the northern Sami roots of our name, and expand our horizons to Scandinavia.

Axel Henneberg, who became acquainted with the Eallin team in 2016, while completing his diploma film at the Prague Film School, now joins us as business representative, and producer for Scandinavia. “Axel’s comprehensive multimedia know-how, proactive history, and most importantly straight-out passion for storytelling made him the perfect candidate to represent us in Scandinavia.” says Executive Producer, Filip Finkelštejn.

From it’s ever so prominent music industry, to its world conquering gaming exports and internationally acclaimed cinema – we cannot wait to lend our visuals to this beautiful territory.

“Eallin’s animation origins from the Czech Republic and Japan bring along techniques that haven’t quite seen the light here commercially. This is what I find the most exciting, as I think Eallin can bring new perspectives to the creative processes here.” added, Axel Henneberg.