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HonkFu joins Eallin’s roster!

We are proud to announce that HonkFu, a unique Russian visual label joins our ranks!

HonkFu, a unique Russian label joins Eallin’s ever growing roster for worldwide representation. 

Headed by the co-founders, Stas and Anna, HonkFu is a visual label that specialises in animation and character-based imagery. HonkFu catches your eye with their unique, dauntlessly-stylised visual approach. Their portfolio contains a wide spectrum of music and theme videos, animated fashion campaigns, and virtual characters (most notably Nana the Shrimp). 

“Their atmospheric, action-packed work  draws inspiration from anime while pushing past the genre’s limits is a joy to watch,” says executive producer, Filip Finkelštejn.

“At HonkFu we are super excited to join Eallin’s amazing talents roster and have a chance to show our strongest kung fu!” Says Stas.

To check out their work, have a look at this explosive music video that they collaborated on with Ilya Naishuller for the famous Russian pop band Leningrad featuring Gluk’oza.


Leningrad ft. Gluk’oZа