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PETA’s Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Big Pharma Testing

Animal-rights group PETA approached us with this wonderful concept that tackles the problem of Animal testing by big pharma industries.

PETA’s newest–– draws on the difference between animals experimenting and experimenting on animals. The scene starts off cute and the tone is light. Until It isn’t, Said “PETA”

The new PSA follows our cute little mouse that races through the forest to join a group of mice in a Lab who are gleefully running their own experiments. Eventually, a human hand comes crashing in to portray the disturbing and shocking atrocities of Animal testing.

PETA claims that millions of mice, rats, and other animals are used and killed in U.S. laboratory experiments each year and that the experiments can be boundlessly cruel.

Eallin collaborated with Director Martin Duda for this Project. As a part of the film, our studio created the bright and unrestricted forest for the animals, cheeky side characters that seamlessly inhabit the environment, and anthropomorphic Mice who are science enthusiasts.

Blender is an extremely powerful 3D program supporting the entirety of the 3D pipeline— for this project, the modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, everything was done in the Program said, Lead VFX Supervisor for the Project Michal Šverma.

Our 3D team used the development version of Blender 2.80 for the entire production, even before the software was in official Beta.

“The fact that the whole film has been created using the Blender software makes us especially proud added Libor Batek, 3D lead.