Spirit of the Euro

  • Client


  • Director

    Carlos Lascano

  • Project


Eallin assisted with Director Carlos Lascano and Bent Image Lab in the production of this unconventional spot featuring ridiculous and unconventional characters coming together to celebrate the spirt of Football.

The spot was for the 2012 Euro’s. Eallin’s role was mostly limited to 3D Production of the spot. The characters were crafted by Carlos Lascano.

Carlos explains one of the challenges in producing the spot :

 My proposal was technically very demanding, since it required the use of real eyes on 3D characters with massive head rotations and a wide range of expressions …
There is a saying that goes that eyes are windows to the soul. Well, by using real eyes I am not only animating these characters, I am also providing them with a soul. This technique that I have been developing for the last few years gives me the chance to work with actors and the intention of their gestures. There is a wide range of small ocular moves that cannot be achieved in animation.