Nestlé Gold

  • Client

    Nestlé Gold

  • Director

    Luboš Vacke

  • Project


We bring you Nestlé’s yummiest cereal!

Life isn’t always sweet, but you can sweeten it up with Nestlé’s new cereal Honey & Banana and Honey & Berries.

In collaboration with Big Kahuna Films, we have created two commercials for Nestlé Gold, and their two new kinds of cereal products – Honey & Banana and Honey & Berries.

“For the design of the characters, their personality traits and nature are always important because they determine the final look. Mr Strawberry was supposed to be a bit of a roguish but curious boy, Miss Banana on the other hand was supposed to look a bit more serious and rational – a bit like an older sister. But still cute. Since we couldn’t work with clothes, which in other cases would have helped us portray the overall personality of the characters, we had to make do with a minimum of accessories.”  – Martin Hanschild, Character designer

“Mr Strawberry wears sneakers, showing his adventurous nature, and braces on his teeth (a common accessory for school kids.) ” – Martin Hanschild, Character designer

“Miss Banana has jewellery on her wrist and ankle, and also a ribbon in her ‘hair’. But the most important element was dealing with the banana peel hairstyle, where there were several options to choose from. The final version thus completes the character of an older and more conscientious sibling.”  – Martin Hanschild, Character designer

“Throughout the project, the most important thing for me was to make the characters that don’t really exist believable. A key moment was the decision to base the acting of both characters on footage of a real actor. The video then served as a guide for the animators.”  – Luboš Vacke, Director