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From the very beginning, we were tasked with putting great emphasis on the themes of friendship, adventure, and world-building.

Eallin presents its latest release, directed HonkFu: the cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated pet battle, and adventure game, Omnia, by Sappy Seals.

At the heart of Omnia lies the symbiotic bond between trainers and their Omnis, one that surpasses mere companionship. This connection thrives on shared adventures and mutual evolution. Our aim was to elevate this bond through synchronized movements and subtle expressions shared by our two heroes that say more than words.

When we set out to convey Omnia’s rich world in just over a minute of runtime, it was all about nailing the right balance of contrasts for impactful world-building. Omnia had to be expansive yet cozy, warm by day and cold by night, and both serene and dangerous—all blending together to create a world that feels immersive for players.