Butty & Bellus


  • Client

    Gang Tie

  • Director

    Yoes Benli

  • Project


We care about your arse.

Haemorrhoids, even the word itself sounds nasty. So how do you tell a story with a taboo theme? That was the question that director Yoes Benli was faced with during the creation of Butty & Bellus, and he resoundingly answered, “You make it funny”.


Featuring the two humorous characters, personifying our body parts, and making the use of anti-haemorrhoid patches charming. Here’s the concept art that we started with. Working with Cheil in Beijing, Eallin produced all of the character designs with our in-house designers.

“Ironically, making this film was not a pain in the arse”

Ben Leyland

Executive Producer

We communicate the story in an unusually, spectacular way. Our weapon of choice; humour. Over the top, funny, hilarious, silly, and cute all mixed together in a cocktail to tickle those muscles. Who would have thought that haemorrhoids could be an opportunity to create so much fun?

Oh, and by the way, Butty & Bellus won us four LIA awards!


Still from the film