Ové Pictures create stunning flipbooks for the Ecco Stores

Ové Pictures, have created an engaging and compelling analog flip book for the Danish Shoe brand ECCO.

Re-working the traditional medium into a more contemporary and compelling piece of in-store artwork.

Following on from the success of their previous project , Searching for Beauty. Ové have been working with the guys over at the Creative Department.
The authors, Ové Pictures (Michaela Čopíková, Veronika Obertová), applied animation principles to showcase  the release of a new range of sneakers  the ECCO COOL 2.0,  and created several interactive installations for the stores.

"The idea was to highlight and promote an internal climate that keeps the footwear cool and fresh, while a waterproof layer acts as a barrier against moisture"

We took inspiration from the two elements, AIR and WATER,  and used them as the main topics for this unique window display. The Flip-book at the centre of the display, depicts a bird and cat-fish as they fly through their natural environments. Above the flip-book, are layers of clouds and below are waves. The Flipbook plays every 90 seconds but the light between the layers of waves and clouds keeps on changing all the time.


It took  several months to make the prototype and find the right settings, so that the viewer can enjoy a fluent animation. This is analogue animation and there is no shortcut to see how to do it, you make it, and you have to see if it works or not. We are very proud on these little flipbooks.”


The installation is now on tour across selected ECCO stores around Slovakia.

Client: ECCO shoes
Agency: Creative Department


Ecco Shoes store set-up

Still from the show

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