Eallin has a specialised production team for animated TV and film production with 20 years experience servicing projects and creating original IP.

We have created multi-episodic TV Series and films in a variety of mediums from Cel, full CG, Stop motion and Anime using bespoke digital production pipeline that ensures smoothest of production journeys.

"Our adaptability, versatility and global reach ensures that projects can be seamlessly shared between our studios utilising bespoke digital animation pipelines"


Project: Fartron


TV series, 52 x 11 min


Production phase

A young boy, Ronald DiCaprio, discovers that he has a hyper-allergic reaction to certain foods, which causes him to experience extreme, powerful, breathtaking flatulence. Flatulence so strong that the expulsion of gas from Ronald’s anus literally makes him take flight, like a high-octane jet pack.

A local bully, seeing and hearing what happens to Ronald for the first time, mockingly dubs him ‘Fartron!’ That rude nickname will prove to be the defining identity of a superhero like no superhero seen, heard…or smelled, ever before.



Project: The Smallest Elephant in the World


Feature, 75 min

Kids and family

Production phase
Early development

Frederick is an elephant who refused to grow up – in fact, he’s the size of a puppy and barely reaches the ankles of the other elephants.

Being small has its advantages! Frederick knows, that despite his diminutive size, his brains, and big heart will win the day. However, in the elephant world, size and power matter, he therefore struggles to be appreciated by the other, larger animals.

Despite this setback, Frederick doesn’t allow them to make him feel small; his wit, determination and boundless enthusiasm make him the largest personality in the jungle.

This month Eallin is finishing production of season 2 of the children’s animated TV series “The smallest elephant in the world”.

Our latest venture is a feature length film featuring the Smallest Elephant.



Project: Shadow of Blue


Short film, 13 min

All audiences

Production phase

A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight? A mixed-technique animated short film, by Director Carlos Lascano.

The film utilizes 3 different approaches really well; firstly, for the shadow sequence a real person was used to create wonderful sihlouttes. Every movement had to be carefully planned to be able to shoot a wide range of emotions that could not be supported with facial expressions.

Working with an actress also allowed us to obtain certain creative feedback which was natural. Later using 2D we cast the shadows over the scale models.

Finally the characters were made out of a combination of hand-made puppets and 3D: The main character is a marionette of about 25 cm high. The torso and the head were tracked and then replaced by a 3D model. The head, arms and the hands were animated entirely in 3D and created by our team at Eallin.

I want to talk about dreams & about how the dreams can be strong enough to change reality. – Carlos Lascano


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