Eallin’s Executive Producer and Co-founder Martin Hovorka has been appointed as the President for ASAF (Association of Czech Animation Film)

Eallin’s Executive Producer and Co-founder Martin Hovorka has been appointed as the President for ASAF (Association of Czech Animation Film ) http://en.asaf.cz/.

Martin Hovorka has had an exceptional career, spanning nearly two decades as the Managing Partner for Eallin––one of the most successful animation companies in the Czech Republic. The company has grown across the border of the Czech Republic during its existence. Currently, Eallin has branches in London, Tokyo, and Bratislava. Beside Eallin, Martin is also co-founder and co-owner of Eallin TV and Nomad Films, Prague.

Martin also stated his wish to promote the improvement of conditions for the production and distribution of animated films in the CR and believes international collaboration is the way to go.

Having opened up offices in London & Tokyo, he believes he has all the experience he needs.

The Association of Czech Animation (ASAF) brings together Czech producers, independent filmmakers and animation studios who have decided to play an active role in the development of animation in the CR as a branch of industry and to usher them into international markets,

ASAF’s main goal remains to lay the foundations of a functioning animation industry that will be part of the Czech economy. The essential prerequisite is investment in boosting the quality of human resources, infrastructure and cooperation between individual players with a view to systematically building up a professional and competitive animation industry.

"It is a moment of great pleasure and honour for me. I believe in the ideology and the objectives the organisation has set for themselves and would like to further aid the purposeful and systematic development — Martin Hovorka"

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